Working with us

You may, or may not be the best. That does not matter to us. What matters is that you want to be your best.

Your time

We value our own time just as much as you do yours. We know it is important to spend time with your friends, family, sports, Netflix series, or other hobbies. We try to make it happen you get 18 hours per day for that. During the other 6 you work your butt off for your mission with us.

Within those hours you are free to spend some time on personal projects. They will be peer reviewed by your colleagues. So, they better be good.

Ps. your colleagues are also the ones that review your performance.

Your compensation

We have not fully figured this one out yet. However, we do know you all deserve to earn well.


We also know you can be trusted with the number of holidays you need. At a minimum you should take 15 days off, including public ones. But, you are free to take more if you feel like it, or need to.

Decision making and autonomy

You are all professionals. Largely you already know what to do, or are able to figure out what to do. That is why we hired you. This means you should have a large degree of freedom to execute on what you think is best.

Nonetheless, your colleagues know a thing or 2 as well. So, for "bigger" decisions we decide based on the merits of the idea, not necessarily of the person, or his/ her experiences. 

Career steps

With exception of the executive team, there is no fixed hierarchy within our company. Leadership is dynamic, natural and situational. Each person has a specified responsibility to fulfill towards the team, an individual colleague, and of course oneself.

Additionally, we work with 2 types of career tracks. Those are the executive track and the technical track. Why? People with great technical skills are not necessarily good leaders. Similarly, great leaders might not be experts from a technical point of view.

In total there are 6 grades within the technical track, and 7 within the executive track. Each grade represents the level of accumulated knowledge, experience and skills within that track.

If you want to work with us, let us know. Make an effort and we will respond.