Our values

We protect imagination and ideas.

It is much easier to to improve 10x than just 10%.

Dreams should be pure, and convention is old. Only when we protect each other, the best ideas will come forward.

We face our fears and deal with our demons. No regrets.

If you do not deal with your demons, they go back to the cellars of your soul and lift weights.

- Amanda Palmer (American Singer)

We are relentless.

Greatness is reaching your full potential. This can never be reached. Striving for it is greatness in itself.

We finish strong.

It sets you up with the right spirit for the next day.

Other than that, it is about the mindset to have a continuous strong effort to perform at the highest level.

We initiate and take massive action.

Done is better than perfect. Too often we get caught up in discussing details. Too often we postpone and wait for the “right” circumstances. As long as ideas do not get executed, it is only an idea. Ideas are easy, execution is difficult.

We are brave, and protect the downside.

It is a misconception big returns can only be gained by taking risks.

Asymmetric risk-reward opportunities are all around us.

We support change.

Keep evolving, even when things are going well.


Our comfort zone is not where we should be. We are comfortable, being uncomfortable.

We listen.

You have got 2 eyes, 2 ears, and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

- Epictetus (Greek Stoic philosopher)

We compete*!

We strive together to go far.