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strito development

development of smart, healthy and sustainably constructed land - and real estate


What we do

strito development is a Dutch project development company of land - and real estate. We either develop from scratch, or redevelop.

We are keen on developments of, or within, residential areas. That is where we see the most potential. It is about creating affordable, better, and healthier living environments.

Our solutions should follow 6 criteria:








To Compete comes from the word competere in classical Latin. In modern day English it means "strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others".

However, the Romans gave a slightly different meaning to the word. It is composed of the words com and petere. Put together the two words mean strive together. This is what strito stands for.


Founder of strito development

Willem Fokke is the founder of strito development. Right after his studies he moved to Indonesia. For almost 6 years he worked and lived in Jakarta.

He started of in the field of market research. Later he joined the biggest hotel wholesaler in Southeast Asia. He quickly grew and took charge of the sales and business intelligence departments.

With time he grew more concerned about the pollution around him. To see a clear blue sky in Jakarta is, due to the air pollution, rare. We cannot just sit and complain. Something needs to be done.

He went back to Nijmegen, the Netherlands and founded strito. With strito development Willem wants to combine his passion for design, business and nature's beauty to contribute to a better world.

Our story


Buildings are responsible for a major part of pollution, contributing heavily to climate change. Our purpose is to create healthier living environments for all.

Our name


Our concepts

strito studio

strito studio is our very first concept. It's a platform that promotes biobased materials. These type of construction materials have an important role to play towards climate adaptation.

This platform comes in the form of 4 unique, modular and circular studios. They can be individually used or, in combination, as a fully functioning, healthy home.

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How we reach our goals

Our goals

Our goals within the 1st year are:

60 tons CO2 prevention

1 ton CO2 absorbed

In year 2 we want to multiply those numbers by 5.

How we do it

There are 2 parts to this answer. The 1st is how we structure our organization internally. strito has 4 pillars upon which the company is being built. Those are facilitators, the solutions team, story tellers, and the research team.

Regardless of the team or person, we all collaborate and take great action. While doing so, we are brave, relentless and use our imagination. This is what should define us - our strength.


Designers of the company's infrastructure. They work in tech , finance and well-being.

These teams ensure we all can work with peace of mind, efficiency and good health.

solutions team

Members within this team work directly with the clients.

Their mission is to provide the best, most-forward thinking solutions for all stakeholders involved.

story tellers

Great communicators. The bridge between external and internal stakeholders.

Their mission is to make our clients want to work with us each and every time.

research team

These smart people produce the fuel to our answers.

Their mission is, with the support of data, to provide evidence-based input for our thoughts and actions.


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